The Wilder West: Anything is Possible…The Art & Wit of Dave Wilder

Anything Is Possible

Anything is Possible

Acrylic, 20×10″

I like to think of myself as an optimist. But let’s face it, the world’s a mess. Our mess. But we can turn things around can’t we? Climate change, overpopulation, mass extinctions, you know, all that doom and gloom stuff?We can fix it, right? We can curb our epic appetites, learn to live within our means, repair the damage we have done to the one and only planet we have. After all, anything is possible. Right? There could be swine in the treetops by morning.



Dave Wilder’s art can be seen at:100_4017

and at the

Laughing Raven Gallery     417 Hull Ave. Jerome, Arizona

and on Facebook:

  “David Wilder Arts”




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