A Sampling of THE CARTOON ADS…1989-1995

The Zephyr has always been noted for its ’cartoon ads,’which Stiles initiated
with the first issue.  We believe we may be the only publication in America where readers consistently looked at the ads first, before they read the articles.
Here is a small sampling from the first seven years:

dos2 dos-aug93 dos-sep93 daves-jun95 dave-jun93 dave-jun90 dave-au92 dave-apr95A dave-ap92cowboytc-92 dave-adfatcity-93 izzy1 knutson-oc90 linottinger093POPPLACE-91 rim-aug93 RIM-MAY93 rio2-may95 rio-93star-94 tex-dec93 tex-oc92 tomtill TILL-93

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secmesa mudd-ap14-001 foot10-ap14-001 mazza22 EVAN2-AU131 backbonelife-terryheard

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