‘Instant Moab’ CLOUDS…Photos and Captions by Terry Knouff

988740_10202468138363783_1069706412_n“do,do,do, lookin’ out my back door”

anticrepuscular raysAnti-crepuscular rays over the La Sals

knouff6Kelvin-Helmholtz wave cloud

knouff-19Moab monsoon clouds

knouff25Color wedge on Slickrock

knouff26 Rainbow Rim

knouff27 Sunset from La Sal view

knouff28Front-door sunset

knouff-420First light on Poison Spider Rim

knouff-amazingvshpdMysterious v-shaped cloud, Green River Desert

knouff-cld1Valley virga

knouff-cld6Snow over Geyser Pass

knouff-cld9Misty Moab morning

knouff-mosunset2Ungulating sunset over Moab Rim

Terry Knouff has been loving the Canyonlands country since 1979, and living in it since 1987. But his first love ( not counting Claudia Fancier in the 4th grade) is photography. Especially instant photogra­phy, the kind the Polaroid Corporation once provided to the world. Those days are past, Polaroid went belly up, and the Canyonlands have , by some estima­tions, been loved to death. But life goes on, and Terry continues to find enjoyment in the Canyon Country near his home in Moab, Utah, and in the art of Pho­tography. He has since found some satisfaction in digital photography, but of late he’s yearned for the “good-old-days” of his instant photography youth. He is currently exploring instant films offered by other companies and former employees of Polaroid, un­der the banner of the “Impossible Film Project”. And building his perfect instant photography beast, The Frankenroid. You can find his photography online at http://www.flickr.com/photos/tknou

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