ufohill3EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS FROM BEYOND? For decades, I was convinced I’d found an alien landing site.
More 20 years ago, I wrote this:


‘Alien visitations? The proof is here, on an isolated ridge in the northern part of Grand County. We call it UFO Hill. In a 300 foot circle, near the summit of a rocky ridge, every juniper tree stands dead—singed, as if by some intense heat or radiation, but NOT by fire. What occurred here? One can only imagine…



‘It was a clear night, full of stars. The Anasazi hunting party could not have had a more successful day. Weary but pleased with their good fortune, they set up camp along the ridgeline.
But it was the night the sun came out. The brilliant orb appeared out of nowhere, blinded some of them and terrified thm all. The Light hovered for more than an hour and one of their party vanished before their very eyes. When the Light finally disappeared into the sky, the men, desperate with fear and in agonizing pain, made their way to the great river and the cool relief it provided them.
‘But the Light became their new god. And to pay homage to their god, the hunters carried hundreds of river stones to the ridge. They built a monument here…to the Light.
Today the dead trees recall the night. And the pile of river stones, still there after all these centuries, marks the place where the Light appeared.’



YouTube spoiled my fantasy. Search­ing for old films shot in the Moab area, I recently stumbled upon a video of the movie “Rio Conchos” opening credits. There it was…my dead forest. And in another scene no longer on YouTube, the footage shows a group of Native Americans burying their chief under a large pile of…you guessed it, RIVER STONES.

Another alleged alien encounter bites the dust.

Here’s the YouTube link:

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2 comments for “THE MYSTERY OF ‘UFO HILL’ …by Jim Stiles

  1. Randy Evans
    October 7, 2014 at 8:32 am

    Hey Stiles, thanks for finally republishing this story. A companion and I stumbled across this anomaly while taking a shortcut back to the car after a windswept, yet breezy, picnic back of Beyond. When I first saw that pile of stream-rounded stones, I realized that they were made of tachylite, from the distant La Sal Mountains. Someone had brought them a long, long way. I knew of no cobbles like that for many miles. I immediately thought, “grave.” But whose? When? Why in that place? So I enjoyed your tale of ancient UFO abduction (my own personal favorite theory about the disappearance of the Anasazi) when it was printed in The Zephyr. I went back there a couple of years ago, just to verify my memories. The dead trees have shrunken and eroded. What DID kill those trees–Hollywood?

  2. Greg
    August 22, 2017 at 8:53 am

    I wondered about those anomalous cobbles, in the north end of Arches. Are you saying the movie crew put them there for that burial scene?

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