From the Flying Knouff Family (The Bro)…Photos by Terry Knouff

Green Chev : A local’s classic. Not as many local “daily driver” classics in Moab as there once were.



atomic motel. Moab 1989

Moab 1989

 Atomic Motel : Stayed here a couple of times. Yes it was funky, and by funky I mean moldy. But it was authentic. Glad to see this sign is back on the property and proudly displayed.


Texas Cad ( with a Michigan plate )

Red Cadillac : A red Caddy brooding under an ominous Texas sky


Hole N The Rock

Hole N” The Rock : Sure the punctuation is wrong, but how many signs do you see painted directly on Entrada sandstone ( don’t nobody get any ideas ! )


hole n rock

ROCK : It’s what Adam was made from ( and in this case FDR )


The Prospector Lodge sign, main st Moab

Prospector Lodge : 29.95 a night ? You’ll be lucky to find a place during tourist season for less than 200 now!


1988 Movie Set on the River Road from "Sundown: The Vampire's in Retreat"

1988 Movie Set on the River Road from “Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat”

Gas station: My brother and sister painted this movie set gas station, people stopped for gas and beer anyway.


Airplane wing sign, Green River , Utah. From a Polaroid 665 negative.

Premium Gas Sign : One of my all time favorite signs, made from a WWII bomber wing, it’s since flown off to parts unknown.


A very manipulated Polaroid from back in the day.

Caddy Fin : Moab attracts all manner of wheeled vehicles, some like this Cad have more class than others.



Sandwich Sign : Greenriver is the place to be, desert living is the life for me. If that’s not true for you, you better at least stop here, because you won’t find another sandwich for 110 Miles !


Becky and Terry Knouff.

Becky and Terry Knouff.


Terry Knouff has been loving the Canyonlands country since 1979, and living in it since 1987. But his first love ( not counting Claudia Fancier in the 4th grade) is photography. Especially instant photogra­phy, the kind the Polaroid Corporation once provided to the world. Those days are past, Polaroid went belly up, and the Canyonlands have , by some estima­tions, been loved to death. But life goes on, and Terry continues to find enjoyment in the Canyon Country near his home in Moab, Utah, and in the art of Pho­tography. He has since found some satisfaction in digital photography, but of late he’s yearned for the “good-old-days” of his instant photography youth. He is currently exploring instant films offered by other companies and former employees of Polaroid, un­der the banner of the “Impossible Film Project”. And building his perfect instant photography beast, The Frankenroid. You can find his photography online at


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  1. Scott Thompson
    February 13, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    Now THEM are excellent desert photos! (I stayed in the Atomic Motel once in 1979 or maybe it was 1980).

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