Willie Flocko’s Country Kitchen: Voodoo Hotdogs…by Bill Benge


As some of you no doubt know, Old Flocko’s ancestral home is French Lick, Mississippi, not too far from the Louisiana border, so I grew up with some acquaintance with things “voodoo.” However, I had never heard of this recipe until it was recently imparted to me by a Hopi attorney acquaintance of mine at a meeting on the Navajo Nation at Window Rock. For this recipe you will need the following ingredients:

1 package of hot dogs

1 package uncooked long spaghetti (if you go into a trendy, gourmet food store, buy the “black” kind that is colored with squid ink or the “green” kind which is colored and flavored with spinach.)

Lg. Pot of boiling water
Each participant in the Voodoo Hotdog Ceremony should take one hotdog and, either to him or herself or to the group as a whole, he or she must personify the hotdog, preferably in the persona of someone he or she detests. After this personification, the participant makes a suitable incantation and pierces the hotdog with many sticks of spaghetti. When the hotdog is suitably pierced and the participant’s hatred for the victim is suitably quelled (this may take more than one hotdog,) the porcupine-like hotdogs are then placed in the boiling water and cooked for 12 minutes. The hot dogs, which have now changed in appearance and look like worms are growing out of them, may be removed from the boiling water and eaten.

benge-voodooThere are three schools of thought for eating Voodoo Hotdogs. One school serves them in a bowl with spaghetti sauce over them. The second school serves them on a hotdog bun with mustard, ketchup or other desired condiments. The third school, in my opinion the preferable way of serving Voodoo Hotdogs, places them on a flour tortilla with desired condiments and cheese and rolls them up and eats them like a burrito.


As my Hopi attorney friend would say, “Hotdogs, Voodoo Hotdogs. What kind of kids eat Voodoo Hotdogs?”



Our buddy Bill Benge died in 2006.

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