Before & After: The Junction of Hwy 160 and State Hwy 128. 1940 & 2016

PLUS…what the site of Jack Holley’s cabin–the Goat Man of Moab—looks like now…


In 1940, photographer HARRY REED snapped this image of the old Colorado River bridge and  US
160 (now US 191) and the river road (hwy 128.)


bikehub201675 years later, things have changed. The old bridge is gone, a new double bridge crosses the river, a few hundred yards south.
The area at the bottom right was open land and occupied for 35 years by the Goat Man of Moab, Jack Holley.

goat2a bikehub2016-2Today it’s called the Moab Hub,  a staging area for mountain bikers.

goatman-jackholley bikehub2016-4

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1 comment for “Before & After: The Junction of Hwy 160 and State Hwy 128. 1940 & 2016

  1. RJ Garn
    October 13, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    I taught my kids to swim in the Colorado at the base of the old bridge in the early 90s, not for swimming lessons but so they would respect but not fear the power of the river. I haven’t been back since but it looks like I wouldn’t even recognize it.

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