1 comment for “The December/January Issue of the Zephyr!

  1. Howard Trenholme
    November 12, 2019 at 11:23 am

    It’s been way too long Jim since we talked. I was told you were in the area by Charlotte Mates when delivering to Dave’s Corner Market recently. Still do that. 22 years as a bakery in Moab.Now a solar powered bakery.

    Beyond that I have been getting involved in public matters most recently the Moab Area Travel Council which I currently chair. Really getting a much clearer understanding about the nature of Moab’s federal land “partners” and trickle down economics. Compliance issues, law enforcement cost issues and so on. Even created a “red-flag” alert with the Utah State Auditor regarding tourism taxes and their uses. Trying really hard to allow for funding housing from TRT’s.

    Also redirected mission of travel council to rethink messaging with a goal to becoming a sustainable tourism destination with adherence to standards outlined by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. Even got the County to think about being greener aka City of Moab.

    Would love to talk, maybe redirect some of my marketing dollars your way.

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