Herb Ringer’s American West: Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks

HERB RINGER and his parents, Sadie and Joseph, traveled across the American West and into the Canadian Rockies on numerous trips, from 1941 to 1973. We are in the process of scanning hundreds of Herb’s Kodachrome transparencies that have never been seen in The Zephyr.

Here is a sampling of images, shot by Herb between 1948 and 1961, during visits to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks…JS

1946. Zion National Park
Herb: “1948. Dad and myself. Zion Park.”
Herb: “1948. Zigzags of the trail to the east rim of Zion Canyon.”
Herb: “1950. The Great Arch approach road from East. Our 1949 Ford Wagon.”
1952. Zion Canyon
Herb: “1952. Mom at observation point over Zion Canyon.”
Herb: “1954. Cabin at Campground.”
Bryce Canyon. Herb: 1952. Two Canadian girls with whom I hiked. Correspond with Gwen Hill on Right side.
Bryce Canyon. 1952.
Herb: “1952. Lower campsite in Red Canyon near Bryce Canyon.”

HERB RINGER came West from his home in New Jersey in 1939. Camera in hand,
Herb captured the American West, from the Canadian Border to the Rio Grande and
from the Big Sur coast to the High Plains.
We believe Herb’s collection of Life in the West is one of the finest. His work has been
published in The Zephyr for 20 years. I am pleased finally, to offer Herb’s photographs
in color. We are also building a new ‘album’ of his work, elsewhere on this site.
My dear friend died on December 11, 1998…JS

For the Most Comprehensive Collection of Herb Ringer Photographs Online, Click Here to see the Herb Ringer Issue of the Zephyr.

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  1. Steve Moore
    July 24, 2019 at 10:37 pm

    Just wondering what device you use to scan those old photos. I’m sure it helps Herb used a decent camera and film, but my old photos look like crap when scanned, in comparison.

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