The Eclectic Musical Repertoire of Ned Mudd…

Q.  So, how would you describe your music?

“My old guru, Fat David, called it, ‘music to execute criminals by.‘”

portrait of the artist
portrait of the artist…

In fact, I invented the goat cheese and chicken skin pizza, extra crust. I heard they still sell like hotcakes out in Boulder. Can you trademark a pizza? 

I was 12 before my folks bought me a $29 Stella flat top that’s now probably worth $10,000. Unfortunately, the thing was a piece of shit. I finally blew it up with a cherry bomb out in the front yard.

nebula 1

Picasso… He was a fan of my blueberry jam period, when I cranked out over 100 paintings using nothing but Smuckers’ finest. Only problem was, the paintings tended to attract flies like crazy. Smelled pretty funky, too...

notre dame paris 1995
notre dame, paris. 1995.

(Also, High Plains Films has over 400 Mudd compositions, including these selections… )

jean paul sartre

I’m down to

roaches and

banana peels.”

road noise #7

…Eh, who’s this Ned Mudd fella again?

Ned Mudd

All Music and Art and General Nuttiness… ©Ned Mudd.

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