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Overall, America’s insatiable desire to chomp on overseas food has been growing. About 16.8 percent of the food that we eat is imported from other countries, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, up from 11.3 percent two decades ago. Here are some other facts:

— Not all juices are treated the same. About 99 percent of the grapefruit juice we drink is produced on American soil, while about a quarter of the orange juice is imported; more than 40 percent of that is from Brazil.
— About half of the fresh fruit we eat comes from elsewhere. That’s more than double the amount in 1975.
— Some 86 percent of the shrimp, salmon, tilapia and other fish and shellfish we eat comes from other countries. That’s up from about 56 percent in 1990.

“The federal government is proposing to grant a first-of-its-kind permit that would allow the developer of a central Oregon wind-power project to legally kill golden eagles, a regulatory move being closely watched by conservationists.” MSNBC

Free energy is precisely a Ghost Dance in our times, promising the continuation of a way of life that is simply dying out. The prospect of an unlimited energy supply appeals to Petroleum Man precisely because He uses more energy to live His life than any human ever has. Ever.

“Telling the story of Obama’s first term without including any of it is a shocking failure of liberalism. It’s akin to conservatism’s unforgivable myopia and apologia during the Bush Administration. Are liberals really more discontented with Obama’s failure to reverse the Bush tax cuts than the citizen death warrants he is signing? Is his ham-handed handling of the debt-ceiling really more worthy of mention than the illegal war he waged? Is his willingness to sign deficit reduction that cuts entitlement spending more objectionable than the fact that he outsourced drone strikes to a CIA that often didn’t even know the names of the people it was killing? These are the priorities of a perverted liberalism.”

As tensions rise between Japanese whalers and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in the recent lawsuit brought by the Japanese, Sea Shepherd has a new ally on their hands:  drone aircrafts.

The whale activists have been locked in a heated and exponentially worsening battle with the Japanese whalers, and in light of the situation, Bayshore Recycling Corp. of New Jersey has donated two long-range drones equipped with detection capabilities and cameras which help to scan hundreds more miles of ocean for whaling ships.  The drones have been outfitted on two Sea Shepherd vessels, the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker, and it has already yielded success.

Tom Brady’s 22,000-square foot palace near Los Angeles is nearing completion, and it will make almost any environmentalist smile.
Oh sure, the Patriots star will be living life like a coal baron. His new home includes eight bedrooms, six-car garage, a lagoon-shaped swimming pool with spa, a weight room and a wine cellar, reports the Boston Herald. The house that Brady built also comes loaded with — get this — a covered bridge connecting two wings of the home, an elevator, a nursery for his son Benjamin, and a gallery.
The price? More than $20 million. That’s in addition to the $11 million that was spent to buy the 3.75 acres of land in Brentwood, Calif.
Now for the green part:

Total carbon emissions for the first time hit 10 billion tonnes (36.7 billion tonnes of CO2) in 2010, according to new analysis published by the Global Carbon Project (GCP) in Nature Climate Change. In the past two decades (since the reference year for the Kyoto Protocol: 1990), emissions have risen an astounding 49 percent.


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