The Wilder West: Cowboys and Rednecks…by Dave Wilder

Cowboys and Rednecks

I was at a roadside café the other day, listening to this fella’ go on about cowboys and rednecks. To his way of thinking, it seems, there was no difference at all between the two and he used the terms interchangeably to disparage anyone who made their living in the rural west. Now, I’ve known some cowboys who were rednecks, and some rednecks who were cowboys, but, generally speaking, there are some important differences between these rustic types. I’ve been thinking on it since that day, and though it may be too late to educate that fella’ at the café, I’d like to pass along some observations if the readership will indulge me.

First of all, rednecks are usually fat. Cowboys are skinny, wiry fellows.
Rednecks wear camouflage britches even when they aren’t hunting. Cowboys can find deer without a special outfit.

Rednecks eat Big Macs. Cowboys herd cattle.

Rednecks listen to Rush Limbaugh. Cowboys listen to Chris Ledoux.

Rednecks wear their hats at the dinner table. Cowboys were raised better by their mammas.

Rednecks live in trailers. Cowboys live in the saddle.

Rednecks dislike Mexicans and Indians. Cowboys actually know some Mexicans and Indians.

Rednecks watch Fox News. Cowboys don’t own a TV.

Rednecks talk a lot about Jesus. Cowboys get to know God on a first hand basis.

Rednecks demand their right to bear arms. Cowboys can actually shoot.

Rednecks think the liberal media elite is ruining this country. Cowboys think that anybody should be able to know a fool when they hear one and judge for themselves.

Rednecks tend to vote Republican. Cowboys are usually too far from town on election day to cast a vote.

And last of all, rednecks will probably be offended by this list. Cowboys couldn’t give a good damn what I have to say.

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1 comment for “The Wilder West: Cowboys and Rednecks…by Dave Wilder

  1. Warren Musselman
    February 28, 2012 at 8:18 am

    So true. I’ve been tight with a couple cowboys in the course of my life and they generally will leave a man enough space to prove he is a fool rather than to posit that truth before they have evidence. A redneck KNOWS you are a fool because you don’t agree with him in the first place.

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