The February/March Issue of the Zephyr!

2/3…TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT….By Jim Stiles
* Overpopulation—the Windex Solution
* DISSENT–The Greatest form of Loyalty
* THE 99% (We don’t like each other very much)
* The French Toilet Jobs Solution
* Moab U…Hurrah for Education. But BAD Location

4/5…SOWING CLOVER…Tonya Stiles
‘Gay Marriage Today…Polygamy Tomorrow?’

And THANKS to the Moab valley Humane Society

8/9…..GAINING PERSPECTIVE: Two Years in the Kingdom of Morocco–Charlie Kolb
‘GIVING AZIZ A HAND’  Charlie’s efforts to find a prosthetic hand for a young boy in Morocco…

12/13…’WATER’ WE GONNA DO? Political Deadlock and The West’s Coming Mega-Drought   By Kathleene Parker

14/15…HERB RINGER’S AMERICAN WEST: The D&RGW in the 1950s

16/17….THE CRUSH of STUDENT DEBT: is it Worth it? ….Tonya Stiles
An admission: I don’t know what the purpose of college is supposed to be. Whether higher education is a noble calling—a way of turning slaves into free-thinking men—or merely a path to a career becomes more confusing to me as I see more of my friends, armed with their degree and bright ideas about the future, stunned and shell-shocked to come up against a world with no job to offer them. I used to think I knew.

18/19…LOSING SOLITUDE: Back Home in Jackson Hole…Martin Murie

20/21…MY PERSONAL HISTORY: Life & Times in Southeast Utah…Verona Stocks
Felix G. Murphy died July 11, 1916.  The day Grandpa was buried Mother, Mary and I were looking at the clouds and watching for the sunset, the clouds were fluffy and beautiful, the kind that makes pictures in the sky.  Mother said “Oh no.”  I looked up at the clouds they had changed while I was watching a white dove that lit on a bush close by.

24/25… THE WILDER WEST: The Art & Wit of Dave Wilder
INCLUDING: Rednecks & Cowboys

26/27…THE BULLETIN BOARD of DOOM...including: “The federal government is proposing to grant a first-of-its-kind permit that would allow the developer of a central Oregon wind-power project to legally kill golden eagles, a regulatory move being closely watched by conservationists.” MSNBC

28/29…THE CALM BEFORE THE SWARM #2..Jim Stiles
The ‘Joy of Being Poor’ gets Run over by a Bicycle

30/31… PORTRAITS OF MOAB (1988-1993) part 2… photographs by Jim Stiles

32/33…THE HOME OF TRUTH    Lloyd Pierson
For the Followers of MARIE OGDEN the vortex of the Universe was at Photograph Gap

34/35… A FURTHER COUNTRY: Entering the Sacred Land   Scott Thompson
Hansen calls such a planetary runaway the Venus syndrome, and believes a similar calamitous process is now possible on Earth, thanks to our human-created Frankenstein, global warming.

36/37…THE VIEW FROM ABOVE: The Sand Flats–1981 & 1995

38/39…WELCOME to the DIMFORMATION AGE: Notes from the crawlspace of History
Ned Mudd

40/41… POINT BLANK:  ‘RETURNING to PERFECTO’   Evan Cantor
I cannot, will not, tell you where it is. I can only vouchsafe that it is still there. If a secret spot is something you need, you’ll have to go out and find one yourself.

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