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RichBoy Romney & Friends…a history of partisan

‘characterizations’ —Stiles

Much has been written about the obscene opulent wealth of the Republican nominee MITT ROMNEY.  He has many homes and an elevator for his car. They say he’s worth almost $250 million. He loves to play around on his jet ski and Democrats took it as a symbol of a rich man out of touch with the people. Republicans complain that the characterization is unfair. read more…





Here’s another story, from the Washington Post, about the Appeals Court ruling that strikes down efforts by the EPA and the Obama Adminstration to reduce emissions. Among those companies who challenged the EPA is Energy Future Holdings in Texas, owned by TPG Capital, whose founding partner, David Bonderman, sits on the boards of directors of The Wilderness Society and the Grand Canyon Trust. If we replaced the name “Bonderman” with “Koch Brothers” in this story, what kind of response would this article receive from the “progressive,” environmental community? read more..




Peaceful Uprising is a grassroots environmental group based in Utah that was founded by activists Tim DeChristopher and Ashley Anderson. DeChristopher received world-wide media attention when he disrupted a federal BLM oil and gas lease auction in December 2008.  DeChristopher, along with others,  had come to protest the auction, believing the scenic lands in the canyon country of Utah should not be sacrificed for oil and gas exploitation and the severe impacts associated with it.  He regarded his own action as a gesture of civil disobedience. read more…

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