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‘Growth Is the Problem’ —Chris Hedges

Survival will be determined by localities. Communities will have to create collectives to grow their own food and provide for their security, education, financial systems and self-governance, efforts that Heinberg suspects will “be discouraged and perhaps criminalized by those in authority.” This process of decentralization will, he said, become “the signal economic and social trend of the 21st century.”

RichBoy Romney & Friends…a history of partisan ‘characterizations’ —Stiles

Much has been written about the obscene opulent wealth of the Republican nominee MITT ROMNEY.  He has many homes and an elevator for his car. They say he’s worth almost $250 million. He loves to play around on his jet ski and Democrats took it as a symbol of a rich man out of touch with the people. Republicans complain that the characterization is unfair.

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(from the NYTimes) ‘The Slaughter of
Elephants in Vietnam Is Nearly Complete’

The plight of elephants in Africa is being explained, in graphic and saddening detail, in a new series of stories by my colleague Jeffrey Gettleman of The New York Times. “An epic elephant slaughter,”he calls it, with poachers wiping out tens of thousands of elephants a year for their ivory.’’ The killing has now reached a kind of frenzy, and even military units in central Africa are involved, gunning down elephants from their helicopters. Ivory tusks, most of them bound for China, have become the new blood diamonds….The poachers have already done their worst in Vietnam. Along with developers, loggers, villagers and negligent bureaucrats, they have conspired to reduce the wild elephant population to just a few dozen.

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(from USAToday) ‘Dorms tranformed: Designers are earning extra credit’

AN EXCERPT:   When it comes to decorating their dorm rooms, some students aren’t even attempting to give it the old college try — they’re hiring the pros…Coeds and their parents are turning to interior designers to transform the traditional linoleum-and-cinderblock caves into spaces worthy of magazine spreads, complete with upholstered headboards, wallpaper and crystal chandeliers, for $90 to $175 an hour, plus the price of the posh paraphernalia.

“I’ve seen some residence hall rooms that look like they’re straight out of Southern Living,” says Auburn University housing director Kim Trupp.

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(from Basin&RangeWatch) ‘Ocotillo Express Wind Energy Facility Summer Construction and Violations’

AN EXCERPT:  September 1, 2012 – Ocotillo, California. As Pattern Energy erects the first giant wind turbines on the once unfragmented Colorado Desert landscape, local and regional activists and residents continue to monitor construction. Many violations have been recorded, such as access roads much wider than in the environmental review documents, night lighting disturbing residents, equipment leaking hazardous fluids, and more.
The photos of the green leafing Ocotillo Forest being bulldozed and trampled are tragic. This is not green energy.

Here’s another story, from the Washington Post, about the Appeals Court ruling that strikes down efforts by the EPA and the Obama Adminstration to reduce emissions. Among those companies who challenged the EPA is Energy Future Holdings in Texas, owned by TPG Capital, whose founding partner, David Bonderman, sits on the boards of directors of The Wilderness Society and the Grand Canyon Trust. If we replaced the name “Bonderman” with “Koch Brothers” in this story, what kind of response would this article receive from the “progressive,” environmental community?

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