Ray Garner’s “The Desert (Exploring the Southwest)” …Part 2

NOTE: The Zephyr recently received a DVD of a 1949 documentary film by Ray Garner. The film is silent; Mr. Garner exhibited this film to audiences around the country and provided ‘live’ narration. The film is now in the public domain and I’m happy to present some still images from the film.
In this issue–images of Chesler Park in the Needles. 1949….JS

rayg32 rayg28

In 1949, it was possible to fly a small Cessna-type aircraft out of Chesler Park in the Needles Country southwest of Moab (later part of Canyonlands NP. Here are still images from that scene in the film…

rayg29 rayg27 rayg30



Ray Garner

–Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Writer (from AFA)

Born in Brooklyn in 1913, Ray Garner began his photographic career in 1935, filming a Boy Scout climbing expedition in the Grand Tetons.  This 8mm effort has been lost.  In 1937, he was appointed to the position of staff photographer to the New York University Rainbow Bridge-Monument Valley expedition sponsored by the American Exploration Society…. From 1955 through 1958, Ray Garner traveled as a lecturer, illustrating his talks with his films.  He  began making films for NBC News in the early 1960s, and directed various segments in John Secondari’s ‘Saga of Western Man’ series for ABC News in the early 1970s, including the film ‘1898.’

Ray Garner passed away in 1989.  He was a true auteur, whose greatest contribution to academic film was in his breathtaking cinematography

For more follow this link:  http://www.afana.org/garner.htm


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