2 comments for “Before & After: Williams Way & 500 West, Moab, Utah…1989 & 2012

  1. Al trease
    June 2, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    Hello- I was stunned when I saw the before and after of 1989 to 2012 in Moab. Ed abbeys prediction of the growth at all costs (the cancer cell analogy) is the future, and of course, as we all know, it doesn’t work.

    What was even more stunning is further down the page is an ad for a book named ” the new immigrants”. Is this a joke or perhaps a play for irony? What is driving all this growth in Moab and everywhere else in America, and the world at large for that matter. It’s people of course. In the u.s. all these immigrant success stories are very touching and heartwarming but in the end, as abbey said, ” nothing that is wild or beautiful or free” will survive this tidal wave of people. The population growth of the u.s. is driven almost exclusively by immigrants and their offspring. And where are all these people coming from? Why hopelessly overpopulated, polluted, resource depleted countries of course. As we rush headlong to join them in our nearly frenzied, pc driven insanity to get as many people here as possible we may want to take a moment and think about where this is leading us. Remember, the third most populated country in the world is us, right behind china and India. Our economic system, which values quantity over quality is destroying everything that is best about America. We may get a warm fuzzy for bring hordes of people here with low educations, no job skills and huge families but it is not without cost (clean air and water, open space, wilderness, resources, energy independence, not to mention we have no chance of denting global warming if our population always out runs any progress we can make).

    Oh yeah, the next ad was for “the glen canyon institute”. More irony? What are the chances of restoring glen canyon to its predam state when our population hits 500 million before the end of the century?

  2. Jacob Croft
    June 6, 2013 at 7:56 am

    Well, at least the russian olive trees are gone. Maybe.

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