The Evolution of “The Journey Home” by Edward Abbey


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A look at his original manuscript–the Introduction

EDWARD ABBEY’S collection of essays was originally to be called “Desert Music.” Ed was always trying to help out young artists and writers and based on a single cartoon I’d given him the previous winter, he put in a good word for me with his publishers in New York.
E.P Dutton hired me to draw 26 chapter illustrations and the cover and to my surprise, they sent me a first generation copy of Abbey’s manuscript, complete with his edits and margin comments.
Later, he proposed that the book be called “Revelations,” but when it finally went to press in the spring of 1977, Abbey’s book had become “The Journey Home.”














journeyhome-1A journeyhome-2A journeyhome-3A

abbey-wilcal3A journeyhome-4A journeyhome-5A


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