Whoever is president is a symptom, not the disease. If we were able to wave a magic wand and make Trump go away tomorrow, and replace him with Clinton, would it change anything? Would the United States stop interfering in the domestic affairs of other nations? Would we stop using 25% of the world’s resources? Would we stop our petrodollar hegemony that impoverishes the developing world? If Clinton was president, would we place restrictions on Wall Street, or reduce our drone strikes on wedding parties or lessen the number of military personnel we have overseas? Would we clean up Fukushima, or… well you get my point.

If the Dallas Cowboys win the Superbowl, does it change anything? No. And I don’t think the president can change that much either. The office serves best as a symbol, an archetype. It is much better, in my opinion, to try and understand the energetic and symbolic issues of the Presidency, place them in the context of human psychology. What does Donald Trump represent? What does he symbolize? The same with Hillary Clinton.

Trump represents the Shadow, suddenly surfacing and taking over, despite the attempts of the ego to suppress it. Trump is our sudden collapse into compulsive behavior. Trump is us watching ourselves do something addictive and self-destructive, and having no power to stop ourselves.

Hillary Clinton represents our Facade; the facile, false, and insincere, the false self that hides the Shadow, that runs away from it, denies it, and in so doing, allows it to grow ever stronger.

How do we get here, to the place where the shadow, our shame, our dark secrets which we have hidden so well, from ourselves, from everyone else, suddenly take over? It’s because as a nation, and as individuals, we believe our own bullshit. We think we are better and nicer than we really are. We pretend we are “nice guys” and “good girls”, but we’re not. Every time we do something and say its for others when its really for ourselves, every time we pretend to be nice when we’re really being mean, that is another reason why we have Trump for a president. Trump is US, and that, THAT is why we are so horrified.

It’s easy for me. I voted for Trump. I stood up in the Boulder Republican Caucus and only two of us, out of the entire caucus, were for Trump. I stood on my feet and said the Trump was the only chance we had to beat Mrs. Clinton, and I was right.

But being right doesn’t mean much. Trump for me symbolizes the person I was in Boulder- sad, lonely, angry, unconscious, pretending to be a thousand things I was not, and without a clue as to who I really was and what my Truth was. Misogynist? For sure! Patriarchal? Privileged? Check. The Sacred Male is as sick as the Sacred Female is marginalized. My life since leaving Boulder has been one of extreme pain and stress. But I wouldn’t go back into that sickness and unconsciousness that was my life there for a million dollars, or in a million years.

If you want to blame someone for Trump’s presidency, blame me. That is, if blame helps anything, if name calling and more dissension and separation and lack of connection will make things better. As for me, my intention is to be part of the solution, and on the first level that means that I’m not going to be upset with anyone who is a symbol. If I am to do any good at all, I need to understand that symbol, so that I can understand myself, my own Truth. The change I want to see in the world begins with me.

Loch Wade.











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  1. Evan Cantor
    June 5, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    Poor Loch Wade! You gotta feel for the guy… a Republican in Boulder! Now that’s truly an un-represented and under-appreciated minority. I’d have more sympathy for him and his opinions if it hadn’t been for the fact that all he cared about in last year’s election was defeating Hillary Clinton, as if she was the personification of evil. Oh wait–just a facade, right? Remember the Dems who thought Nader would be better than Gore? “He’s just a white male privileged rich-boy”. They gave us 8 years of W. I suppose Loch would have voted for Saddam Hussein had he been resurrected and ran for office… oh wait… maybe he did. Pah! I’ve got no patience for this kind of pussy-footing around. Trump sucks and sucks big time. Clinton might have been no angel, but she would only have sucked small time. I’ve got no proof, so kick me right in the ass and tell me to shut it.

  2. Hari Heath
    June 17, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    Very well said Loch. I too am a partial Trump supporter, at least when he does things that seek to turn us towards the principles of the American Republic. I don’t see him as “the shadow.” Nor as any kind of great hero. Rather, a small step, just possibly, away the great shadow government, AKA deep state, which Ms. Hillary most certainly is a component/proponent of. Big “R” and big “D” Demopublicans are just perpetuators of the out-of-control mess of a federal government that can’t seem to read the Tenth Amendment and behave accordingly.
    Trump’s biggest challenge so far is to operate the office properly, while under constant attack from deep state/globalist interests. Maybe he will prevail. And your right about all the blame, name calling and finger pointing. The big anti movement does nothing but add gravity to their predestined failure to accomplish anything useful. Sad, when there is so much to work for…..
    “As for me, my intention is to be part of the solution…… The change I want to see in the world begins with me.”
    Carry on brother….the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!

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