Before & After: ABBEY & DE PUY’S HIDEAWAY, 1970s and Today

In the 1970s, Edward Abbey often spent time with his old pal, the great Southwest painter, John De Puy. Abbey and De Puy had a hideaway–actually De Puy owned the property, Abbey was a frequent visitor— somewhere in southeast Utah. The land was off the grid and away from the highways. They built a small ramada, pulled in a old trailer, and called it home from time to time.

From their remote undisclosed location, Abbey and De Puy hid out a lot and occasionally entertained guests. (The 1970s photos are courtesy of John and Isabel Depuy)

In 1980, Abbey moved to Tucson and De Puy sold his land and moved to Bluff (and later back to New Mexico). But what happened to the De Puy/Abbey hideaway? It’s still there, 40 years later, slowly returning to Nature…JS

More from the 1970s…

And now…

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1 comment for “Before & After: ABBEY & DE PUY’S HIDEAWAY, 1970s and Today

  1. Rickb2202
    November 19, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    I find this very interesting. I loved Eds story about De Puy clamping his pipe in his mouth and dancing a fandango by himself in a bar ! I believe it was in the bar at ajo Arizona.

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