Herb Ringer’s American West: “TWO AND A QUARTERS”









In addition to the thousands of 35 mm Kodachrome transparencies that herb shot over 50 years, another of his prized possessions was his leather-bound 2 1/4 Rolleiflex camera.. He took thousands of pictures with it, from coast to coast over three decades. Here are just a few of them…


The old bridge at Cameron, Arizona. 1954

“Sammy.” Hopi Indian at the South Rim. 1954

Showlow, Arizona. 1954

Hope Valley in the High Sierras. 1958

Capitol Reef NP. Utah. 1965

Herb near Tucson. late 1950s

Dewey Bridge over the Colorado River. 1978

And though Herb spent most of his time in the American West, his photographs cover the country. Here are two of them:

A farmer plows his field the hard way. North Carolina. 1961

New York City from the observation deck at Rockefeller Center.1960


HERB RINGER came West from his home in New Jersey in 1939. Camera in hand,
Herb captured the American West, from the Canadian Border to the Rio Grande and
from the Big Sur coast to the High Plains.herb4A-oc07
We believe Herb’s collection of Life in the West is one of the finest. His work has been
published in The Zephyr for 20 years. I am pleased finally, to offer Herb’s photographs
in color. We are also building a new ‘album’ of his work, elsewhere on this site.
My dear friend died on December 11, 1998…JS


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