“You call this ‘ART?'” (cartoons from the archives of The Zephyr)

Carl Rappe owned the Main Street Broiler in the early ’90s. It was torn down a decade later. The space is now occupied by a Burger King. Carl was also one of the co-founders of KZMU public radio in Moab.
Charlie was one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met, and a great artist.
Sometimes the Zephyr saw the future more clearly than others.
And Gus McCrae saw it more clearly than all of us, a century earlier.
These were our County Commissioners in 1989, when the Zephyr first started publishing. They agreed to do monthly interviews with us on a wide range of topics. Their candid comments made for popular round table conversations at the local cafes.
Fran Townsend was always kind and generous to me and the Zephyr, and I was grateful that she also had an excellent sense of humor when I ‘tooned her for the second installment of “Power Babes of Moab.” She and her husband Ray still live in Moab.
One of the finest men I’ve ever known. Dave was chief of maintenance at Arches National Park during my decade as a seasonal ranger.
In 1993, production began on the film ‘Geronimo,’ starring Robert Duvall. I had been a ‘Lonesome Dove’ groupie for years and made this public offer to Duvall in the June issue. I accidentally bumped into him during lunch at Fat City Smokehouse. He had seen the ad, and thought I was somewhat disturbed. He told me that he probably didn’t remember his lines, but I advised him that I knew ALL the lines and could help him with his. He looked at me as if to say, “Boy…You need to get a life.”
Jimmie Walker was Grand County’s commissioner as Moab began to make its transition from Old to New. He was a lifelong Moabite and knew the country better than anybody. I once found his name at the bottom of a 200-foot cave, along with Ray Tibbetts’. When I told him of my discovery, he couldn’t believe it. He died just last year. End of an era.
I gave Ken Davey the title, ‘Dean of the Moab Press Corps’ when he found himself writing for every news source in Grand County. Consequently, he took way more crap from readers than I ever had to. He eventually gave up annoying people via his writing and went to work for local government. He passed away in 2017. Way too soon.
Sometimes I just liked to be a little provocative…I hoped everyone would have a sense of humor about it. Sometimes Hope failed me.
I always wanted to steal Martin’s pith helmet.
Another bit of Zephyr prophecy.
I got away with this 17 years ago.
Yep, again.
Monty is still riding the range.
The Queen still holds court in Moab. Long live the Queen.

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