The October/November Issue of the Zephyr!

In this issue…

Take it or Leave it: A Few Words About Justin Farrell and ” Billionaire Wilderness” …by Jim Stiles

Finding Peace at Yosemite, Part Two: Ansel Adams and WWII’s Wounded Soldiers …by Tonya Audyn Stiles

An Excerpt from BILLIONAIRE WILDERNESS: The Ultra-Wealthy & The Remaking of The American West …by Justin Farrell

NICK AND ZORKA: An Immigrant Couple’s Lesson about America …by Jim and Tonya Stiles

From 2045…REMEMBERING THE 2020 ELECTION …by Jim Stiles

“(Still) ‘Enough Rope’”: (A Reporter’s Moab Memories. 1978-1984) #4 Otho Murphy …By Bill Davis

Trials and Travails of a Park Ranger: John Wetherill at Navajo National Monument …By Harvey Leake

THE OPEN ROAD: Coffee…Words and Photos by Paul Vlachos

The Slovenly Wilderness: The Least Consequential Election …by Stacy Young

TAMARISK and the Death of THE SECRET SPRING (Ranger Stiles #12, 1975-1986) …by Jim Stiles

That Season of Beginning …by Damon Falke

CULTURAL CONFUSION: How a White Guy Found Love in Hopi-Land …By Joseph Day

Naming “Government Rapid” on the San Juan River: How Everyone Got It Wrong …by Gene M. Stevenson

ZEPHYR AMERICA: Herb Ringer’s 1946 Ford Super Deluxe

HANK SCHMIDT’S MONTHLY REPORT: Arches National Monument, November 1940

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