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The Love of Maps …by Tonya Audyn Stiles

Detail from the 1940 Utah Pictorial Map

The oldest surviving map of the world—the Babylonian Imago Mundi—circumscribes a landmass between the Mediterranean and Caspian Seas. The world it describes is only as long as the Euphrates River. At its center lies the city of Babylon. To the…

A Satisfied Mind …By Harvey Leake

The spiritual home of the traditional Navajos was their enduring natural surroundings rather than their temporary hogan shelters. Nede Cloey (Nii'ditt'oii) at his hogan in Tsegi Canyon

The wealthiest personIs a pauper at timesCompared to the manWith a satisfied mind —From the song “A Satisfied Mind,” by Joe “Red” Hayes and Jack Rhodes “I don’t think Mr. Harriman is very rich. He has not as much money…