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Discovery …by Harvey Leake

A steep section of the Rainbow Bridge trail that the Townsends called The Limit

The Indians found it long before the white men came.—John Wetherill, commenting on the discovery of Rainbow Natural Bridge “The discovery of a natural bridge surpassing in size anything heretofore found is the news brought to this city this morning…

A Satisfied Mind …By Harvey Leake

The spiritual home of the traditional Navajos was their enduring natural surroundings rather than their temporary hogan shelters. Nede Cloey (Nii'ditt'oii) at his hogan in Tsegi Canyon

The wealthiest personIs a pauper at timesCompared to the manWith a satisfied mind —From the song “A Satisfied Mind,” by Joe “Red” Hayes and Jack Rhodes “I don’t think Mr. Harriman is very rich. He has not as much money…